Jun 25, 2013

Weather fever

What is up good looking readers! As some of you may already know, the haze is GONE! *claps claps* but the humidity is still here to stay. Oh well. One thing pissed me off actually when Indonesia's president refuse to apologize about the haze.

Here's the thing dude, we are not blaming your country totally BUT for example, if your house smells like shit and it's polluting the air and your neighbour can smell that shitty smell, obviously you'd have to apologize because they are suffering because of you. THERE BOOM, a perfect example. HOWEVER, having said that, he eventually and formally apologizes. Kudos to you my friend.

Moving on, we finally had rain in the early afternoon and it was quite dramatic especially when there were hailstones found in the west area. I thought to myself, what the ? Humidity and hailstones don't match. It doesn't make sense and i was right. It was caused by cloud seeding and they gave birth to those babies (hailstones). Report says that no one was injured however one guy had diarrhea after eating 3 hailstones that he picked up from the ground. Now kids, that is what curiousity does. So take note. On the other part of Singapore (North), it was drizzling for like 15 seconds and it stopped. VERY WEIRD if you ask me.

p/s : When gahment giving us GST money ah?

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Jun 18, 2013

All the wrongs.

What is up readers! *coughs* excuse me, my throat is a bit dry at the moment. Well, it is all because of the god damn HAZE. I was a bit shocked when i woke up to see the foggy view outside my window. I thought some there were some fogging session going on to kill all the mosquitoes. But nope, it's haze alright.

I actually assumed that it was because of Indonesia's forest fire. Did a double confirmation regarding that and i was right. " SUMATRA FIRE" Seriously, what is wrong with Sumatra and fire? It's been repeating for years ? Tighten up your security please.

Look at us right now. See the difference. I am craving for fresh air so bad. Been having this choking sensation. And it i screwing up my throat and what not. Hmm and i think they will close down schools and all that if it reaches 230 or higher? Because that happened in the past if i am not wrong.

Another issue that has been trending on twitter is about a guy who was slashed near Scape. There's been a few slashing cases happening around that area. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. KIDS NOWADAYS ARE CRAY.

On a brighter note, guess what? HARDWELL is coming to Singapore this September! Here you go :

Zouk Singapore presents, I AM Hardwell World Tour 2013/2014 Friday 20 September 2013! 7pm - 12am, Fort Canning Park!

I will definitely be there, who else is going?

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Jun 14, 2013

Ultra Live Korea 2013 Day 1

Love Afrojack? Armin Van Buuren? Watch the live broadcast of day 1 here! Click here to watch!

Enjoy! :)

Jun 13, 2013

Singapore Jokes.

Funny Local Acronyms
  • DBS: "Don't Be Singaporean" 
  • PAP (People Action Party): Proud Arrogant Politicians, Pro Aliens (Foreigners) Party
  • WP (Workers' Party): Wayang Party, Wrong Party
  • PAP (People Action Party): Pay and Pay, WP (Workers' Part): Why Pay?, SDP (Singapore Democratic Party): So Don't Pay
  • COE (Certificate of Entitlement): C Hor Yee (Die For Them in Hokkien), (pay) Cash On Expressway
  • ITE (Institute of Technical Education): It's The End
  • NTUC (National Trade Union Congress): No Trust in Union Chief, Never Trust Union Chief, NTU China, National Toilet Urine Centre
  • SENTOSA : So Expensive, Nothing TO See Actually
  • ERP (Eelectronic Road Pricing): Excessive Road Pricing, Everyday Rob People
  • PUB (Public Utility Borad): Pay Until Bankrupt 
  • SBS(Singapore Bus Service): Screwed-up Bad Service, Si Bei Slow (Very Slow in Hokkien)
  • SAF (Singapore Armed Forces): Serve and Forget
  • PWD (Public Work Dept): Purposely Want Dig
  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Mad Rush to Train
  • GST (Goods and Service Tax): Government Salary Tax
  • BMW: Big Mouth Woman, Bring More Women, Bus, MRT or Walk?
  • SGH (Spore General Hospital)-Sure Go Heaven, Sure Giveup Hope
  • NUH (National University Hospital): Never Use Heart
  • CPF (Central Provision Fund): Cash Prior to Funeral
  • FT: Err, Foreign Talents or Fake Talent?

Credits : Askmelah.com

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